The Art of Rent – Italian meeting Horus Occupato

As housing crises spread across Europe I’m discovering that there are whole strands of activity and thinking which I was completely unaware of. Silvia Macchi at the University La Sapienza in Rome invited me to speak in a 2-day even at a squatted social centre in the eastern suburbs of Rome – a mix of young activists in various autonomist movements and intellectuals and politicians. Partly a campain meeting, partly self-education, partly celebration of this squat having lasted a year (though it is now facing the facist mayor’s promise to evict such social centres).This phrase ‘The Art of Rent’, which strikes me as weird,  because it sounds so cosy, so creative, is said to originate with David Harvey so it can’t be all bad. We’ll see.The seminar material will be added to the programme at

I learned from Silvia also of a series of seminars on The Art of Rent ar Queen Mary in the university of London and Joon Park and I went to one recently.  Very interesting radical geography people whom I had never heard of.  My loss.  Their material is at 

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