Alain Lipietz talk

At the DPU “The crisis of the “liberal–productivist” model of development: a regulationist analysis, an ecologist response.” 20 May.  My rough notes.  NB an audio recording is now (later) available here as a podcast and there is a text in English on Alain’s own website here.

[Was economist at CEPREMAP, then elected as a green for the Paris region, the EuroParl… Says he was always connected with spatial issues, and naturally came to political ecology.]

Talk about the present crisis and its ecological dimensions.  It is a “major crisis” in regulation – school terms. Characterises Fordism as a period when capitalism was pushed by demand, by demand especially for cars and housing….  and when it came into crisis in 70s… we wondered why it hadn’t happened earlier, since C is such an unstable mode of production. Continue reading “Alain Lipietz talk”

Crossrail2 (aka Chelsea-Hackney line)

Consultations have been opened by TfL on the next massive British tunnelling project – another radial railway line for London.  The Assembly asked for experts to give evidence and this is my initial effort. At the end is a comment from Peter Hall. Continue reading “Crossrail2 (aka Chelsea-Hackney line)”

How to nip German house price rises in the bud

6 May 2013 This is part of a Twitter exchange (reproduced below) with @Frances_Coppola and econgirl (@raluca3000) My comment that the beginnings of housing price escalation in some German cities should be ‘nipped in the bud’ met the response “how?”

I can’t reply in 140 characters so here is a longer one:

Surely a combination of some or all of the following should do it: Continue reading “How to nip German house price rises in the bud”