London Plan to get even worse

31 July 2012  Today (1700h) is the last day for submission of objections to the changes which Boris wants to make to the 2011 London Plan. We are working on a Just Space coordinated response – see – and the following is what I just sent in on my own account in response to an invitation from Nicky Gavron.  The summary is:

The overwhelmingly important feature of the Alterations is the weakening of London’s capacity to meet its people’s most serious housing needs.  The evidence is that needs for housing among low and middle-income Londoners are becoming even more acute and that any alterations to the Plan should increase, not decrease, the emphasis on social rented housing.

20120724 Assembly REMA

Phew… Euston puddle fixed just in time for Olympics

With the Olympic games just a few days away, workmen miraculously appeared, tinkered with damaged paving and added new tarmac where the historic puddle was. So there is an olympic legacy for all to see. I doubt if I’ll have time to discover who decided to do it but I can imagine the emails, the meetings, the bickering and the contracts involved in fixing problems which ought to have been sorted years ago.  Below is the new tarmac today (25 July 2012):

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New tarmac filling the Euston Puddle July 2012
One step forward but now a step back. A welcome board for the Olympics is sitting in the Euston Forecourt which directs people East to the British Museum. Should be South.  And remind me about the “sculpted” bit of Regent’s Park… Must be the flattest place in London.


Olympiv welcome sign Euston July 2012

Later (7 October 2012): Drainage still keeping the puddle empty two months later. It really does seem to work. Now let’s see if anyone clears the drain when it next clogs.

In other Euston news: UCL is moving into some of the office blocks vacated by Network Rail. Nice for passing UCL people because our Eduroam WiFi fills the forecourt, hitherto (and still for everyone else) a nasty pay-zone.