… and London Plan research gaps

At past inquiries we have often been told that the plan is “evidence based” and wished we had “evidence” with which to challenge it. The planning team has told us (in a Just Space meeting) that now is the time to tell them if we think the research they are doing is the wrong research. So we have made a submission and it’s here as the rest of this post Continue reading “… and London Plan research gaps”

Greenish / redish plans for London

A sustainable economy for London, submitted to the GLA by David Fell (the main author), Michael Edwards, Richard Lee, Jenny Bates, Richard Bourn and Darren Johnson. PDF version at http://www.brooklyndhurst.co.uk We hope soon to have a wiki version because it is designed as a basis for discussion and further development. Later:  revised version as  David Fell’s submission to Boris Johnson’s draft plan 12 January 2010 here.

Criticising Ken Livingstone again

Ken wrote in the Evening Standard on 6 July and they asked me to comment. They edited my letter but this was what I actually wrote:
London v Paris

For a socialist, Ken Livingstone is too easily dazzled by the bright lights of capitalism and he’s still behaving like the rabbit in the headlights. Ken is being hysterical when he argues that London needs a grand strategy like Sarkozy’s to prevent Paris overtaking London as Europe’s capital (ES 6 July).

As usual, his position is a mix of radical good sense with utter rubbish and we have to try and disentangle them. Continue reading “Criticising Ken Livingstone again”