Dario Fo for mayor of Milano


I just came back at 2345h from the best event I was ever at – apart from demonstrations perhaps. Dario Fo is standing for election in the primaries for mayor of Milano and held a rally today, one week before the voting. It was in the mazda palace – a huge place a bit like Wembley Arena out near the S Cirio stadium, holding about 7000 people and it was full. He’s a candidate of a “Civil List” or red / green people but not directly parties.

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In Istanbul with 157 students and such a great staff team – it gets better and better. I hope is being good for the students and certainly many seem hugely stimulated though it is easy to be rose-tinted. Today, by that wonderful tendency of modern networking, we made contact with Orhan Esen, Teresa and I spent some time with him and we are having a talk from him on Tuesday morning – our last day.

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