a good critique of British urban 'development'

Have just greatly enjoyed Owen Hatherley (2010) A guide to the new ruins of Great Britain, London: Verso. It’s a rollicking tour of the cities of England + Cardiff + Glasgow, evaluating and describing what’s been done to them in modern times. Sometimes gleeful, more often rueful or rude. Continue reading “a good critique of British urban 'development'”

Remain Calm / Don't Panic

A few things conspire to cheer me up, heralded by the new passenger lifts at Euston station which connect the tube station with street level. Like all recent lifts, it has a Voice announcing floors. Sometimes, in mid journey, this Voice says “remain calm; help is coming” before announcing the next floor. Then the Evening Standard last night had a banner headline “Don’t Panic” on a story about rising inflation and interest rates alongside falling incomes. Continue reading “Remain Calm / Don't Panic”

Stimulating monday 2… and…

That same Monday, 24 January, brought the meeting of the Urban Salon where Just Space discussed with academics (profs and students) the experience and scope for collaboration. We planned for 40 people to come and made sets of papers (principally the transcripts students had made from EiP recordings) and then 70 people came. It was extremely gratifying and useful. Continue reading “Stimulating monday 2… and…”