Stimulating monday 2… and…

That same Monday, 24 January, brought the meeting of the Urban Salon where Just Space discussed with academics (profs and students) the experience and scope for collaboration. We planned for 40 people to come and made sets of papers (principally the transcripts students had made from EiP recordings) and then 70 people came. It was extremely gratifying and useful. There were 4 talks to start with (you can listen to the audio) and then small-group workshops (now written up). It’s all here. It amounts to a big push forward for the cooperation and we have already had one JSN meeting about next steps.
As the meeting finally dissolved I had 2 conversations of the sort you don’t usually have in a university, one with an elderly woman from Bermondsey, with crutches, a tenant leader, who could not get internet access because she has a cmputer and modem but no monitor. Could we get her one? And the other was with the 3 people from the Latin American Friends of Wards Corner campaign in Seven Sisters which recently won its great victory. Along with Carlos and another man was a young woman I had not seen before. She explained that she was a candidate for Miss Universe (London)

One sequel is that we are mounting a new masters module for UCL students starting in 2011/12 (probably january-march) based on the London EiP work, open to geography, planning and any other UCL students. Jennifer Robinson and I have applied for a UCL start-up grant. More news to follow.

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