Leverhulme Fellowships for re-thinking urban development

Bob Colenutt and I have both gained Leverhulme Fellowships to research, write up and disseminate ideas about how the dysfunctional urban development mechnisms of the UK can be replaced by ones which are fairer, more stable, better value for citizens and more collective than the market individualism which has recently been dominant. Continue reading “Leverhulme Fellowships for re-thinking urban development”

Talking about the crisis: Marx and Schumpeter

On 14 May Peter Hall and Michael Edwards had an open debate at UCL, discussing the current crisis and especially the kinds of insights offered by Schumpeter and Marx. There was a good discussion among about 20 people and it was resolved to have further sessions this summer and/or autumn. Please let us know if you would like to join in and/or if there are topics or speakers we should include. Here is a short paper by Peter Hall (reprinted from Town and Country Planning) hallcrisis0905141, a short note from Michael Edwards edwards090514 and an adequate but not very professional podcast (1 hour 33; 32MB) Recording of the seminar

Victory at Queen's Market

After a lot of lobbying and a defeat at Newham’s Development Control Committee, local residents and traders are delighted that London’s new (and conservative) Mayor Boris Johnston has used his powers to REJECT the council/St Modwen proposals to replace the Queen’s Market with a new market + a lot of shops + a very dense residential development. The campaigns had been opposing the scheme because of the risks it would pose to the viability and cheapness of the market, and also because the housing scheme was only 14% ‘affordable’ housing. Boris has rejected the scheme because he regards a 30+ storey tower as inappropriate for the area. But a victory is a victory and there is great jubilation. More on their web site http://www.friendsofqueensmarket.org.uk