The Art of Rent – Italian meeting Horus Occupato

As housing crises spread across Europe I’m discovering that there are whole strands of activity and thinking which I was completely unaware of. Silvia Macchi at the University La Sapienza in Rome invited me to speak in a 2-day even at a squatted social centre in the eastern suburbs of Rome – a mix of young activists in various autonomist movements and intellectuals and politicians. Partly a campain meeting, partly self-education, partly celebration of this squat having lasted a year (though it is now facing the facist mayor’s promise to evict such social centres).This phrase ‘The Art of Rent’, which strikes me as weird,  Continue reading “The Art of Rent – Italian meeting Horus Occupato”

Good new book, good publishing story

From: Stale Holgersen




Last year I submitted a thesis on the urban development and planning

process at King’s Cross in London. And currently I work as a

city-planner in Norway.


Last fall I received an e-mail from a German publisher – VDM Verlag.

They had read my thesis on the Internet ( <>), and

proposed to publish it as a book. This book is now a reality, and can

be purchased online. The book is called “Class Conflicts and Planning

– A Case Study of Contemporary Development at King’s Cross in London”.


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Ken Livingstone's mayoral term ended by [what? widespread stupidity + the Evening Standard ]

You did a lot of fine things in your 8 years, including

transforming transport from a downward spiral to an upward one,

good anti-war and foreign policy,

good on equalities, the living wage and so on.

But your Faustian pact with big business alienated a lot of your support, made many people grit their teeth while they voted for you, and has actually caused a lot of damage and intensified exploitation.

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