Good new book, good publishing story

From: Stale Holgersen




Last year I submitted a thesis on the urban development and planning

process at King’s Cross in London. And currently I work as a

city-planner in Norway.


Last fall I received an e-mail from a German publisher – VDM Verlag.

They had read my thesis on the Internet ( <>), and

proposed to publish it as a book. This book is now a reality, and can

be purchased online. The book is called “Class Conflicts and Planning

– A Case Study of Contemporary Development at King’s Cross in London”.


See <>


The urban mega-development at King’s Cross in London is investigated

from a Marxist perspective. How are class conflicts apparent and how

is the local struggle against the profit-led development related to

class? How is the planning process functioning, and how is this

related to class conflict?


The planning process in King’s Cross has been dominated by concepts

like ‘communication’ and ‘participation’. But when it comes to power,

other interests and classes than those of the locals have had the last

word. The book uncovers the structures which constitute contemporary

urban trends.


The book is available at: <>


Hilsen fra Ståle Holgersen

T: 92627636

E: <>

Author: Editors


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