Left critiques of British Planning

What left account can we give of British planning in recent decade(s)? I just spent an enjoyable but challenging time with a norwegian graduate student, Stale Holgersen, who has been in London studying King’s Cross and asked me this question. He has come across a lot of optimistic writing about “communicative planning” but not much else. We had a couple of hours (and a couple pints of Guiness) but I could not come up with much for him.

Can anyone help to paint the picture?? I felt very ignorant (and a bit self-centred / loneley) so do please help.

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King's Cross trouble

Last night, 16 November, Camden gave outline permission finally for the Argent development proposals, despite the representations of many objecting groups and despite many of the borough councillors saying (?just saying) that they would have voted against it if they felt they legally could.

I just wanted to jot some comments down while it is fresh in my mind – personal comments, not made on behalf of any group or organisation. If you want to join in a public post-mortem do comment but remember this is a public forum and some points you may prefer to send as direct email m.edwards@ucl.ac.uk

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