King's Cross, the continuing saga

The various action groups of citizens in and around King’s Cross have been very active this last year (maybe even more than usual) in trying to persuade the elected Councillors of the London Borough of Camden that they were acting improperly in March when they resolved to grant an extremely ‘flexible’ planning permission to developer Argent. Legally they are bound to re-think – in the opinion of our fine team of barristers (=advocates) who have devoted a lot of time, much of it pro bono publico, to advising us. Sooner or later there will be a development on the railway lands at King’s Cross and we have been equally active in negotiating a section 106 agreement about how the implementation would go.

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Some recent publications

An article on Thames Gateway – and how it could all go wrong; a report for the British Council for Offices on work-life integration / balance and office buildings / location; a preface to a book of essays celebrating my first employer Nat Lichfield – now 90 – and some collected papers of mine from the 90s.
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