Some recent publications

An article on Thames Gateway – and how it could all go wrong; a report for the British Council for Offices on work-life integration / balance and office buildings / location; a preface to a book of essays celebrating my first employer Nat Lichfield – now 90 – and some collected papers of mine from the 90s.
More details….

Edwards, Michael (2006) Blue Skies over Bluewater, Mute, Vol 2, No 3,

Strelitz, Z, and Edwards, M, (2006) Getting it together: the work-life agenda and offices. Research report. British Council for Offices, London, UK. Short version published by the BCO in September 2006 Longer version of the research report with findings, bibliography but without the recommendations for office design and location available as download here:

Edwards, Michael (2006) Whatever happened to capital in ‘Working Capital’? in City, 10, 2, pp197-204

Edwards, Michael (2006) Evaluation, between past and future,
preface in Alexander, E R (ed) Evaluation in Planning: evolution and prospects. Essays in honour of Nathaniel Lichfield Aldershot, Ashgate pp xiii-xvi

Edwards, M (2006) What if the next London Plan were better? in Planning in London and online at
The same views have been submitted as observations on the Mayor’s ‘Statement of Intent’ for the London Plan Review.

Edwards, M (2005) Collected Papers 1989-1999
[ download here pdf 1.4mb ]

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