Pessimism or optimism / Glancey / Guardian

Jonathan Glancey wrote an engaging article in the Guardian’s G2 section outlining the bleak prospects for architects in the crisis. Elena pointed it out and is using it with the students. [ Here is the article. ] It seemed to me he had missed the point of his own story – how radical social innovation in building could crack unemployment – so I wrote to the Guardian as follows Continue reading “Pessimism or optimism / Glancey / Guardian”

King's Cross – what next?

Article sent to CNJ

The Camden New Journal asked me to write a piece on what should happen now if the current proposals fall victim to the crisis. Here it is. [Later: it did appear, and led to an exchange of correspondence with Robert Evans at Argent.] Continue reading “King's Cross – what next?”

A memoir of UCL / The Bartlett

(1/11/2008) I just retired after 39 years and a month at UCL in the Bartlett School. There was a wonderful party organised by friends on 29 October and I cobbled together some pictures and anecdotes which now I should work up into a readable text here. For the moment you only have the whole period in pictures which are here
You can see them as a slide show or one-by-one in which (latter) case you can read the captions which some of them have. The story as a full text begins in 1964 and so far reaches 1966. Continue reading “A memoir of UCL / The Bartlett”