Stimulating Monday 1: translation

Lunch with Gavin and we got on to questions of translation. He’s working on Dickens and was trying to figure out the influence on Hard Times of Engels’ work on Manchester in The Condition of the Working Class in England. Hard Times had appeared in the 1860s sometime and Engels in 1849 so surely, Gav thought, Dickens must have read it.  Continue reading “Stimulating Monday 1: translation”

going to lectures

Feels like being a student, going to 3 lectures (by other people) in one week. A very adept short lunchtime lecture to a packed Darwin Theatre by Allan Penn on Who enjoys shopping in Ikea? Good fun and surprisingly critical of how IKEA is manipulating its users. Anyone keen to get an instant intro to space syntax would enjoy this and it is online here (audio streaming only). The video is here: and the relevant paper is here:
Then two events at LSE, one good, one trivial. Continue reading “going to lectures”