London Plan EiP (2): Boroughs bite back

One of the most remarkable things about last week’s EiP on the Mayor’s proposed changes to the Plan was—on reflection—the London Boroughs’ vigorous defence of their capacity and need to develop social rented housing at low rents. Continue reading “London Plan EiP (2): Boroughs bite back”

London Plan EiP

The Examination in Public (EiP) on the Mayor’s Revised Early Minor Alterations to the London Plan (REMA) is in its crucial day: debating the Mayor’s switch of emphasis, away from housing those in the greatest need (who may be able to afford social housing rent but not “affordable rent” at 65-80% of local market rents) towards those higher up the income scale.  The opposition is very strong indeed, coming from Borough Councils (!), many of whom have been doing good analytical work and whose views were powerfully put by officers (including some ex-students of ours) from Westminster, TH,  Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, plus a very wide range of tenants and residents groups.

Benson (GLA Hsg) the new system is shifting public spending burden from capital grant to revenue (HB). Continue reading “London Plan EiP”

UCL proposed new campus at Stratford, replacing the Carpenters Estate

 Yesterday saw UCL students union hosting a public debate on this proposal, with speakers from the local residents groups, GamesMonitor, UCL academics (me and Prof Murray Fraser) and active students. UCL management was represented by Andrew Grainger, head of Estates, and two other men whom I don’t know. Minutes will appear, I guess, and the BBC was filming so it may figure in a broadcast sometime. Earlier in the day there had been a routine staff meeting of our UCL department ( the Bartlett School of Planning ) for which I had prepared a briefing paper.

This post is just my texts for these two events + some links. Continue reading “UCL proposed new campus at Stratford, replacing the Carpenters Estate”

At last: a manifesto for progressive planning

***London launch 5 February 1330 for 1400 at TCPA. Second launch soon in Sheffield. Details at***
After a lot of drafting and re-drafting we now have a usable draft of this great document, aimed at people working in and around planning in the UK (especially England, so far as the detail goes) from PNUK Planners Network UK. We hope it will rally dispirited souls who have been sucked or seduced into market-led orthodoxy or just feeling lonely in their scattered resistance. The team has been Bob Colenutt, Tim Marshall, Andy Inch and me + some others at earlier stages and with a feed-in on housing from Duncan Bowie. All white males so far. Please read, comment, discuss. Some meetings in various parts of the country coming up. The draft is here as a PDF: