Dalston Junction, London, a walk

Had a good couple of hours walking round a very familiar bit of London, Dalston Junction on Friday 17th. Pictures here: IMG_1075.JPG Click on the image.

Dalston is clearly a case where a potentially-regenerating intervention (the new station/train service) which could genuinely help improve the condition of life for poor people, actually becomes an acellerator of gentrification and market-based upgrading with exactly the opposite effects. As with King’s Cross, the challenge is to innoculate an area against the negative effects – with more social housing, stop on RTB, better tenure security (huh)….. and what?

Consultations on the Dalston plan are now open and it might be good to get some students working on it – and/or comment ourselves.

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What next? (for capitalism) – letters to the press

Just back (10 Oct) from wonderful and inspiring INURA meeting in Athens inura08.wordpress.com.   (To see some photos, click the picture.) inura08 poster.jpgAll through the conference the world financial knitting was unravelling.  Somehow this unravelling of the financial sector (though in NO WAY a political basis for any major change) seems like an opportunity for us to  say something.  I can’t resist it. Continue reading “What next? (for capitalism) – letters to the press”