Wuppertal seminar "cross_solidarity"

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung #rosalux international meeting. One morning worksop and one in the afternoon. http://www.rosalux.de/event/48108/cross-solidarity-internationale-solidaritaet-in-der-krise.html Some English material at http://cross-solidarity.net/wordpress/?page_id=558

The first part of this is notes on a Workshop “we are all bank tenants”. Later are notes on a second workshop. Do not rely on an statistics or other stuff in here: check with original authors etc. Please do send me corrections or add them as comments at the end.  M

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GLA Assembly debates future growth

Planning Committee debating London’s future growth, with guest experts. Discussing a paper which is item 5 in


Webcast supposed to be at http://www.london.gov.uk/webcasts/30883/asx tho I can’t make it work. At the end of this post is a letter I just sent to the Chair, Nicky Gavron. Comments welcome

Niky Gavron starts on how we can cope with another million people each decade on present terms.

John Hollis (demographer) stresses that 2011 Census found 1/4 more net international migrants than thought (tho it didn’t explain their status). Continue reading “GLA Assembly debates future growth”