Peter Hall

Peter Hall died a few days ago and I’m trying here to crystallise my experience of him while it’s in my mind, recording fragments and interpretations which could feed in to any discussion of how we evaluate him, or into any biography anyone writes. Continue reading “Peter Hall”

Winning an award

UCL is giving me a Lifetime Achievement Award as part of its annual awards for “Public Engagement”. The award takes place at 1830h on Tuesday 28th January 2014 when this post should become visible.  They don’t have acceptance speeches at these ceremonies so this is the closest I can get. Continue reading “Winning an award”

London / demography / ¿new normal?

Rough notes from an LSE seminar (tidied up next day).  The question whether the new, larger, average size of London households is a “new normal” is from a presentation by Christine Whitehead, one of the speakers.

Christine Whitehead (slides will probably be on LSE web site in due course). Credits Alan Holmans (who will produce a new London housing needs assessment later this year). Continue reading “London / demography / ¿new normal?”

Stimulating Monday 1: translation

Lunch with Gavin and we got on to questions of translation. He’s working on Dickens and was trying to figure out the influence on Hard Times of Engels’ work on Manchester in The Condition of the Working Class in England. Hard Times had appeared in the 1860s sometime and Engels in 1849 so surely, Gav thought, Dickens must have read it.  Continue reading “Stimulating Monday 1: translation”

Day in Rome

sheep rome2.jpg
Some sheep spotted in via dei Serpenti
sheep rome1.jpg

I have now spent 3 weeks out of my planned 4 in Rome. Today is the first I spent entirely at home, in Leslie Caldwell’s flat near Piramide, which I have rented. I worked rather hard all day (relieved by trips to the adjacent cafe), trying to finish a write-up of a talk for Bob Colenutt, promised a year ago but just too hard to do. I made a lot of progress and the result so far is at Do please look and comment if you have time. The other thing I did was the washing. Tricky because it keeps raining: shocking for everyone here because Rome should be dry and hot in May. But I’m on my third umbrella. Continue reading “Day in Rome”

If voting could change anything…

There we were, walking past the Baths of Caracalla in Rome when the Evening Standard phoned, asking for a critical comment on today’s leader which recommends David Cameron. So in rather a hurry I sent them this. We’ll see if they publish it. At least Anne Gray, our Green candidate in Haringey, should like it.

Your leader coming down on the side of David Cameron really is the wrong advice for the country, and especially for Londoners. You write exclusively about the three main leaders, but we are not electing a president. We are electing a party, so let’s look at them. Continue reading “If voting could change anything…”