The coming crisis and London planning

Did a seminar yesterday in the LSE geography department’s London series. My talk was a modification of what I did in Berlin (below) and it seemed to generate quite a good discussion – not least because Ian Gordon, Duncan Bowie and Paul Cheshire were active.  The slide show here for those who want to see it  – edwardslselondon09 and you can find it on the lse London site, apparently. Continue reading “The coming crisis and London planning”

New Year / housing

For the new year I just wrote a letter to the Guardian, finding myself irritated by the recent splatter of letters they have had on housing, triggered by CPRE etc people a couple of weeks ago. It’s probably too long for them to publish. [later: it was. ] This is it:

You have carried a great deal of material on the housing crisis this year and since Tristram Hunt’s tear-jerker on the protection of green belts (17 December) there have been sporadic responses in the letters page. Most of the coverage and correspondence, however, has been piecemeal and trivialising of a complex field. Can we start the new year, please, by taking a more comprehensive view which sees the dire housing situation as the outcome of lots of different aspects of the neo-liberal project? Continue reading “New Year / housing”