futures for London / rent theory

I just did a post on London Remade‘s Debate column about what economic policies we should demand from the next Mayor. That’s very short-term. Then tomorrow (20 April) I’m giving the first talk in a UCL event about the London Economy in 2062. Yes 50 years ahead. A bit long term. I’ll post some stuff here and tweet a bit if I can. #L2062 My talk here Edwards London Economy 2062 and all is on web now http://bit.ly/JVQo1g#L2062

Royal Holloway recently held an excellent event Speculating on Slums in which there were talks on rent theory etc by Anna Haila, Louis Moreno and me.  All the material is online now.  My talk  has audio here http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/2012/05/michael-edwards-some-things-we-can-do-with-rent/ and slides here Edwards Rent 20120523.  There were a lot of excellent talks, all audio at  http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/2012/05/speculating-on-slums/




Euston's historic puddle ready for Olympic guests

ep ap2012 d.jpg
19 April. London is ensuring that this historic puddle, which for years has been delaying and infuriating passengers entering and leaving Euston Station, is conserved as part of preparations for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, starting 100 days from now.

My lengthy correspondence a few years ago led to some abortive works by one of the many public bodies, all of whom deny responsibility. The puddle could easily have been lost, but is now back in it’s full width and depth. Joe Barnes of Liverpool tweets on 18 April “…I nearly drowned…” Click on the photo for more images, then on slideshow. Continue reading “Euston's historic puddle ready for Olympic guests”