Euston's historic puddle ready for Olympic guests

ep ap2012 d.jpg
19 April. London is ensuring that this historic puddle, which for years has been delaying and infuriating passengers entering and leaving Euston Station, is conserved as part of preparations for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, starting 100 days from now.

My lengthy correspondence a few years ago led to some abortive works by one of the many public bodies, all of whom deny responsibility. The puddle could easily have been lost, but is now back in it’s full width and depth. Joe Barnes of Liverpool tweets on 18 April “…I nearly drowned…” Click on the photo for more images, then on slideshow. The conservation of this puddle (and others nearby) has been possible only through the close partnership working of Camden Council (Leisure and Recreation people), Network Rail, TfL bus stations, TfL Streets and Skanska. Prizes all round (galoshes).

25th April a truly bumper day. Not only is the main puddle bigger and more sustained than ever but we also have strong showings from nearby, less dependable, puddles. Click the picture for more.
puddle 201204251719.JPG @Steve_X Cross tweeted in amazement and @alunwgriffiths all the way from Marseille suggests nude bathing. We just have to hope it rains this hard during the Olympics so the visitors get the full beauty of it. This part of London is to be the main press base so there should be some coverage…

28 April. Continuing wet weather provokes many conversations among soggy victims and among customers of the bar which expands to 5 x its covered floorspace whenever the rain stops. There must be a risk, however, that one of the following will pass by and notice these amazing puddles and get them fixed before the Olympics: These are people who have been involved in the past:

  • TfL Streets(‘not responsible’ but did twice send Micky Kenney from Ringway Jacobs to inspect). Later Sara Reynaga, Customer Service Advisor, ticket no:[601228] did get some abortive work done. Then Eva Rozmahelova expressed hope that the ownership would soon be sorted out.
  • TfL Bus Stations(‘not responsible’)
  • Network Raillegal department (which decided it “would not be appropriate” to send me a copy of the legal agreement which shows that they are not responsible for the puddle and that Camden is responsible) but who did then send a copy to Camden. NR really might notice as their offices all look over the puddle.
  • CamdenMs Turner in Culture and Environment / Peter Stewart / Sam Monk. Peter Stewart did in January 2010 get some work done but it soon clogged up and the water still refused to run up-hill into the drains.
  • Skanska appear to have done the actual work.

Could it be that HS2 is somehow involved now, trying to bring the Euston fabric into disrepair and disrepute to soften us all up to accept their monster redevelopment proposal? Support for this hypothesis is provided by the ever-growing disrepair of the entire Euston station. (The only well cared-for areas are the retail huts which have gradually emerged over recent years as a kind of shanty-town inside and outside the concourse. It’s like a smarter version of the kiosks in the main squares of Tirana when I visited.)

18 May 2012: someone has cleared the drain beside the main puddle. (Who?) Now let’s see how it goes in the rain.

25 May 2012: two men with a bucket of mortar are repairing loose paving stones (paviours). I asked them if their job included any work on the puddles. “No” they said, “that would be the drains”. I asked what organisation they were working for and they said “The council, I think.”

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One thought on “Euston's historic puddle ready for Olympic guests”

  1. Oh Michael,
    You know it has been fixed so next year it will disappear with the new facade of Euston Station with the removal of the bus station!
    Just speculation


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