Return of the puddle

Wet July so the Euston Puddle is back. Last seen October 2010 – earlier chapters here. It seems just as bad as it was before I got Network Rail, TfL, the London Boorough of Camden and Skanska to sort it out. Do you suppose I have to mobilse them again each time it rains?

euston puddle 201107 euston puddle 201107 d

Next post on this topic is Spring 2012, as the Puddle prepares for the Olympic Games.

London for Sale…

I just was persuaded by Matthew Gandy to write a micro-essay for a book he is editing (or maybe curating is the modern word).  I must say I found it incredibly hard to do 1200 words – and overshot – and got upset about it.  It’s called (his title, including the ‘z’)
London for sale: towards the radical marketization of urban space
This is what I wrote: