More on King's Cross

Finally the result came through of the public inquiry on the Islington Triangle.  Argent won; we lost. More details and comments at

We had a good seminar at UCL in June, part of an ESRC/CABE series on whether the “Urban Renaissance” proposed by the Rogers/Prescott ‘Task Force’ of 1999 has had outcomes, good or bad.  There was half a day on King’s Cross.  My talk (as a slide show) is at  and I’d be glad of any comments.  During August I have to convert it to a text, which will be  a chapter in a book edited by John Punter and due early in 2009. Offprintof my chapter:

Main campaign at the moment is to try and secure decent pedestrian and cycle access to and through King’s Cross station.  Do please read it and sign the petition.  We are working with a super-dynamic local group.

Talk I gave at a Tel-Aviv conference on (effectively) whether to cut the state out and deal direct on planning issues. Just published in English, Arabic and Hebrew. The struggle against the development plan in the King’s Cross area in Planning and human rights, civil society and the state (ed) Shuli Hartman, Jerusalem, Bimkom and the Arab Centre for Alternative Planning: English 51-55; Hebrew 38-41; Arabic 85-88 www.bimkom.orgEprint of my bit in English at