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Bob Colenutt, Michael Edwards, Tim Marshall, Janice Morphet and Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Levelling Up: the rôle of planning, 2021, free download

2021 (in press) Michael Edwards, Harvey’s Urbanization of Capital: why it helped me so much, in Camilla Perrone (ed) Critical Planning & Design: Roots, pathways, and frames, pre-print as submitted: edwards-on-harvey-v1

2020 October Michael Edwards contributes section in The Right Answers to the Right Questions, what the English planning system should be like, The Right Answers to the Right Questions

2020 August Michael Edwards, interview by Neal Hudson in his Housing Conversations Series: Housing problem: not so simple? 

2020 August Michael Edwards section in Andy Inch (ed) The Wrong Answer to the Wrong Questions: commentary on the government white paper

Michael Edwards (2019) Postcard from London, in Social Innovation as Political Transformation: thoughts for a better world, eds Pieter Van den Broeck, Abid Mehmood, Angeliki Paidakaki and Constanza Parra, ch 12, 66-69, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar. eprint: a postcard from London 2017.
Publisher’s site for the book and the chapters:

Ball M J, Bentivegna, V, Edwards, M, and Folin, M, Eds (2018) Land Rent, Housing and Urban Planning: a European Perspective Reprint of 1985 book in Routledge Revivals series.

Jess Ferm, Michael Edwards and Ed Jones (2018) Planning for economic progress in Planning Practice: Critical Perspectives from the UK, eds: Jess Ferm and John Tomaney, London, Routledge or short link

Jess Ferm, Ed Jones and Michael Edwards (2017) Revealing local economies in London: methodological challenges, future directions, UCL.
Download eprint

Michael Edwards and Myfanwy Taylor (2017) Re-industrialisation as progressive urbanism: why and how? Chapter 1 in Krzysztof Nawratek (ed), Urban Re-industrialization,  Punctum Books, pp21-28. Order and download
Free eprint of chapter now available at

Michael Edwards (2016) Rebalancing the UK economy and the role of citizens’ organisations, contribution to a special issue of Town and Country Planning on Planning in the London Metropolitan Region, guest-edited by Duncan Bowie eprint here

Michael Edwards (2016) The housing crisis: too difficult or a great opportunity? Soundings Issue: 62: Alternatives to neoliberalism, 23-42, free download at
Whole issue at

Myfanwy Taylor and Michael Edwards (2016) Just Space Economy and Planning: opening up debates on London’s economy through participating in strategic planning, in Yasminah Beebejaun (ed) The Participatory City, Berlin: Jovis 76-86  Offprint here

Edwards, Michael (2016 April) The Housing Crisis and London, in Special Feature on London edited by Anna Minton and Paul Watt, City, 20, 2, 222-237, paywalled at

Edwards, Michael (2015 July) Prospects for land, rent and housing in UK cities, Working Paper 18, Foresight Future of Cities Project, Government Office for Science, free download from or from where there is discussion space and related material – slides and a video.

Edwards, Michael (2014) “Yes, and We Have No Dentists.” In Forty Ways to Think About Architecture: architectural history and theory today, edited by Iain Borden, Murray Fraser and Barbara Penner, 280 pages. London: Wiley, ch 28, 2014.
 e-print Edwards for Forty ]

Robin Brown, Michael Edwards, Richard Lee (2014) Just Space: Towards a just sustainable London, ch 3 in Rob Imrie and Loretta Lees (eds) Sustainable London? The future of a global city,  Bristol, Policy Press
[ e-print  ]

Planners Network UK PNUK (2012) (Colenutt, B, Edwards, M, Inch, A and Marshall, T) A manifesto for planning and land reform – draft [ Eprint ]

Edwards, M (2011) preface to Duncan Bowie, The Politics of housing development in an age of austerity, Chartist pamphlet. Free download [ THE POLITICS OF HOUSING DEVELOPMENT: in an age of austerity. By Duncan Bowie  ]

Edwards, M (2011) London for sale: towards the radical marketization of urban space, in Matthew Gandy (ed) Urban Constellations, Berlin, Jovis. [ E-print here: edwards-constellations-20110705]

Edwards, M (2010) Machen die Londoner ihre eigenegen Pläne?, Luxemburg (4/2010): 72-77 translated by Christina Kaindl from the 2010 paper published below by LSE. [ Free at ]

Review of Duncan Bowie: Politics, planning and homes in a world city in Journal of Housing and the Built Environment 25, 4 (2010), 481
[ ]
and in Chartist [ Eprint review of bowie ]

Michael Edwards (2010 October) Do Londoners make their own plan? in K Scanlon and B Kochan (eds) London: coping with austerity, LSE London Series, paperback, 978-0-85328-459-8, chapter 5, 57-71. Eprint
Whole book is a free download at

Michael Edwards (was 2011 work in progress) Towards better urban development, appearing as a paper of the University of Northampton Institute of Urban Affairs. Draft at Ended up in Foresight report (above, 2015).

Edwards, M (2010) ‘King’s Cross: renaissance for whom?’, in (ed John Punter) Urban Design, Urban Renaissance and British Cities, London: Routledge, 189-205. Eprint free at

Michael Edwards, comments on Conservative Party Green paper on Planning, in Planning in London, 73, April 2010. Same text also at

Edwards, M, Campkin, B and Arbaci, S (2009) Exploring roles and relationships in the production of the built environment Centre for Education in the Built Environment (CEBE) Transactions 6, 1, 10.11120/tran.2009.06010038 Publisher’s version at  (link broken)

Edwards, M (2008), The struggle against the development plan in the King’s Cross area in Planning and human rights, civil society and the state (ed) Shuli Hartman, Jerusalem, Bimkom and the Arab Centre for Alternative Planning: English 51-55; Hebrew 38-41; Arabic 85-88 Eprint free at

Edwards, M (2008) Blue Skies over Bluewater, in London’s Turning: the making of the Thames Gateway, edited by Mike Rustin and Phil Cohen, Ashgate [ Eprint of chapter at ]

Edwards, M (2006) Hamlet without the prince: whatever happened to capital in Working Capital? City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action 10(2), 197-204. ISSN: 1360-4813 [Eprint at] [DOI link]

Edwards, M (2006) What if? …the next London Plan were better? Planning in London 57, 26-29 [Eprint at]

Edwards, M (2006) Blue Skies over Bluewater Mute 2(3), 1-7. ISSN: 1356-7748 [Online link broken] [Eprint at]

Edwards, M (2006) Preface: Evaluation, between past and future. in Alexander, E (ed) Valuation in Planning: evolution and prospects. Essays in honour of Nathaniel Lichfield. Aldershot: Ashgate, xiii-xvi. ISBN: 0 7546 4586 X

Edwards, M, Strelitz, Z (2006) Getting it together: the work-life agenda and offices. London: British Council for Offices [Online – link broken ]

Edwards, M, Strelitz, Z, Ben-Galim, D (2006) Getting it together: the work-life agenda and offices. Research report. London: British Council for Offices [Eprint at]

Carmona, C, de Magalhães, C, Edwards, M and Sieh, L (2006), Offices, Value and Design: A discussion document. London: British Council for Offices.

Edwards, M (2004). Wealth Creation and Poverty Creation: Global-local interactions in the economy of London in Paloscia, R (ed, for INURA) The Contested Metropolis: Six Cities at the Beginning of the 21st Century Birkhauser. ISBN: 3764300868 [ Details at ]

Edwards, M, de Magalhães, C, Karadimitriou, N, Rehman, K (2004) The funding and development of the built environment: the research agenda London: RICS Foundation [Eprint at]

Edwards, M, Karadimitriou, N, de Magalhães, C, Rehman, K (2004) Sustainable Urban Development: How we could produce it, how we could pay for it. Literature review which underpinned the previous item, London, Bartlett Schoolf of Planning, UCL [ Eprint at ]

Edwards, M, Maguire, S, Tewdwr-Jones, M (2004) Intra-Urban Polycentric Development: Suburban Trajectories. ODPM

Edwards, M, Karadimitriou, N, de Magalhães, C, and others (2003), Final Evaluation of the Central Stepney SRB (Single Regeneration Budget project) London: LBTH [ Free PDF at ]

Mutale, M, Edwards, M (2003) Monitoring and Evaluation of the work of the King’s Cross Partnership: Final Report. London: Bartlett School of Planning, UCL [ Eprint at ]

Edwards, M, Mutale, E (2002) Change and Perception of change at King’s Cross: surveys of households and enterprises in London London: Bartlett School of Planning, UCL [ Eprint on households at ] [ Eprint on enterprises at ]

Carmona, M, de Magalhães, C, Edwards, M (2002) Stakeholders’ Views on Value and Urban Design Journal of Urban Design 7.2, 145-169. ISSN: 13574809

Carmona, M, de Magalhães, C, Edwards, M (2002) What Value Urban Design? Urban Design International 7(2), 63-81. ISSN: 1357-5317 [DOI link]

Edwards, M (2002) Wealth creation and poverty creation: global-local interactions in the economy of London. City 6.1, 25-42. ISSN: 1360-4813 [ Eprint here ] [ DOI link ]

Edwards, M, Mutale, E (2002)The London Development Agency and Local Regeneration Issues: an overview of urban regeneration management Local Economy 17.1, 25-34. ISSN: 0269-0942

Carmona, M, de Magalhães, C, Edwards, M (2001) The Value of Urban Design,London: Thomas Telford/CABE/DETR. ISBN: 07277-2981-0. 110pp

Edwards, M (2001) City design: what went wrong at Milton Keynes? Journal of Urban Design 6(1), 87-96. ISSN: 13574809 [ Eprint at ]

Edwards, M (2001) Planning & Communication in London City, 5 (1), 91-100. ISSN: 1360-4813 [ Eprint: Communication ]

Edwards, M, Marsh, C (2001) Sustainable property development. in Layard, A, Davoudi, S, Batty, S (eds) Planning for a Sustainable Future London: Spon, 149-164. ISBN: 0-415-23408-5

Edwards, M, Florio, S (2001) Urban Regeneration in Stratford, East London Planning Practice and Research, 16 (2), 101-120. ISSN: 0269-7459 [Online

Edwards, M (2000) Sacred Cow or Sacrificial Lamb? Will London’s Green Belt have to go? City, 4 (1), 105-112. ISSN: 1360-4813 [Online ]  [ Eprint ]

Edwards, M (2000) Towards a joined-up London Planning in London (32), 41-42. ISSN: 1366-9672

Edwards, M (2000) Planificazione e comunicazione a Londra. in Caudo, G, Palazzo, A (eds) Comunicare l’urbanistica. Firenze, Alinea Edizioni, 39-51. ISBN: 88-8125-370-4

Edwards, M (2000) Property markets and the production of inequality. in Watson, S, Bridge, G (eds) A Companion to the City. Oxford and Malden MA: Blackwell, 599-608. ISBN: 0-631-21052-0 [ Eprint: Edwards_CompanionFC ]

Edwards, M, Mutale, E (2000) King’s Cross Partnership: Evaluation of baseline data. Bartlett School, UCL [ Download KXP Baseline Evaluation ]

Edwards, M (1999). Biss: retrospect and prospect. Bartlett International Summer School on the Production of the Built Environment Proceedings 15 [ biss15 ]

Hall, P, Edwards, M, Robson, D (1999), London’s Spatial Economy: the dynamics of change London, London Development Partnership (LDP) and Royal Town Planning Institute. Eprint free at

Edwards, M (1997) Impact and cost benefit analysis in Urban Regeneration: evaluation as a tool for policy development, London: Local Economic Policy Unit, South Bank University, and online in Collected Papers [ edwards8999 ]

Edwards, M, Budd, L (1997) Confirming conforming conventions: the Four World Cities Study CITY (7), 171-181. ISSN: 1360-4813

Edwards, M (2006) Collected Papers 1989-99 [ edwards8999 ]

Ball M J,Bentivegna, V, Edwards, M, and Folin, M (1985) Land Rent, Housing and Urban Planning: a European Perspective Croom Helm London – see 2018 reprint above.

Edwards, M (1985) What is a Sector? Proceedings of the Bartlett International Summer School on the Production of the Built Environment 6: 2/14 – 2/22 [ Edwards sector 1985 ] Also in a German version as PBE Working Paper 14

Edwards, M (1980) Land value theories and policies: the need for reappraisal, Built Environment, 6, 4, 272-276  [ ]

Anonymous. written with others, 1989 People or Profit at King’s Cross KXRLG People or Profit 1989.pdf

Other downloads / videos

2018 lecture on London: Edwards for DPU 2018 lores

2017 lecture: Economics as a battle of ideas EPA schools of thought 2017 lores

1985 Channel 4 programme on trams by Kerry Hamilton with me also appearing

2020 INURA conference on zoom from Zürich: Urban activisms and social movements in 1980s, in Zürich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Florence (in that order, with discussions

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