Magnaghi territorio book in English

This just came through the mail: Magnaghi, Alberto (2005) The Urban Village: a charter for democracy and local self-sustainable development London, Zed, GBP18.95 paper, 1 84277 581 2, ( Il progetto locale originally, 2000)

Quick look….

This is by the leading light of the ‘territorio’ school which includes freinds of mine. Its a good comprehensive/synthetic approach to the understanding of localities and I have been very much impressed by applications of this approach in the study of the Florence/Prato axis and even just in explaining the social history behind the typical tuscan farmstead. their account of the diffusion of industry from the towns (Prato especially) to the countryside is brilliant. But….

…the book however seems to be just abstractions. Lots of assertion and philosophy but none of the compelling applications. All very nice but my first impression disappoints me. I’ll try and find time to go further with it. Admiration for the stamina of the translator David Kerr.

Author: Editors


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