Good new book, good publishing story

From: Stale Holgersen




Last year I submitted a thesis on the urban development and planning

process at King’s Cross in London. And currently I work as a

city-planner in Norway.


Last fall I received an e-mail from a German publisher – VDM Verlag.

They had read my thesis on the Internet ( <>), and

proposed to publish it as a book. This book is now a reality, and can

be purchased online. The book is called “Class Conflicts and Planning

– A Case Study of Contemporary Development at King’s Cross in London”.


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Ken Livingstone's mayoral term ended by [what? widespread stupidity + the Evening Standard ]

You did a lot of fine things in your 8 years, including

transforming transport from a downward spiral to an upward one,

good anti-war and foreign policy,

good on equalities, the living wage and so on.

But your Faustian pact with big business alienated a lot of your support, made many people grit their teeth while they voted for you, and has actually caused a lot of damage and intensified exploitation.

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Left critiques of British Planning

What left account can we give of British planning in recent decade(s)? I just spent an enjoyable but challenging time with a norwegian graduate student, Stale Holgersen, who has been in London studying King’s Cross and asked me this question. He has come across a lot of optimistic writing about “communicative planning” but not much else. We had a couple of hours (and a couple pints of Guiness) but I could not come up with much for him.

Can anyone help to paint the picture?? I felt very ignorant (and a bit self-centred / loneley) so do please help.

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