London Plan / Inura Zürich

London Plan Examination in Public (EiP) opened Monday 28th and I postponed travelling to Inura to be there for the first part. I have trouble taking seriously those introductory bits of plans about ‘vision’ and ‘objectives’ but people less cynical than me got it going well and perhaps we made some impact on the Panel – pressing for more serious commitment to equality, social housing, ‘sustainable development’ (which now seems like quite a progressive demand, the orthodoxy having slipped so far to the right) and for taking the crisis seriously. Skilled stonewalling from the GLA team. We are trying to keep rough track of the events on Just Space blog. Then off to Inura’s 20th birthday meeting in Zürich where it all began. I missed all the formal days and city walks, but was there for the whole of the smaller ‘retreat’ phase, held in a youth hostel beside the lake. Very good meeting indeed, mainly focussed on the collaborative work of members in 34 cities around the world – represented by 2 posters from each. The conceptual framework which animated the work had been rather distracting in some ways (too much emphasis on ‘trendy neighbourhods’, flagships etc) but seemed to have unleashed a lot of energy and good analysis of investment / disinvestent issues, main political questions in each city. There are annotated google maps too and it’s going to be a great project as it unfolds – thanks mainly to Christian Schmid, Richard Wolff and the other swiss teamsters who created the initiative. I was hoping that the current versions would be published now but many people felt that such rough work-in-progress should not be realeased yet so I’m afraid you can’t see it until late October. But I think we’ll have an exhibition in London….

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