UK – German housing exchanges

9 December 2013:  This message has come in today from Grischa in Berlin:

Dear international friends,

on November 21st we had an event in Berlin with Eileen Short from Defend Council Housing / Anti bedroom tax campaign and Paul Watt from Birkbeck University, both situated in London.

They told us about the housing crisis in England and the biggest anti-cut protests since many years against the bedroom tax. We have documented the event in both English and German, find the links below:

– Paul Watt about housing supply, city regeneration and housing construction in England:

– Eileen Short about the protests against the bedroom tax:

– Additions about the bedroom tax from Eileen Short and Paul Watt:

– Subtitled video clip I: Protest against the eviction of the Counihan-Sanchez family in Brent, London:

– Subtitled video clip II: Protest against a housing conference in Manchester and petition against the bedroom tax:

– Both subtitled video clips in one file:

The documentation of the other events so far can be found here, mostly in German:

And more infos in German:

Greetings, for the Thursday group of the Berliner MieterGemeinschaft,

Grischa Dallmer and Matthias Coers


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