2 August is the last day for the current consultation on proposals for another radial tube line in London, Crossrail 2 (superceeding what used to be known as the Chelsea-Hackney line).  This is my pennyworth sent in today.

Opposed because:
(i) London jobs over-concentrated; this would amplify it.
(ii) More orbital & inter-suburban routes would be better in terms of urban structure and CB ratios; (I played small part in Orbital Overground, just the kind of thing needed).
(iii) Euston over-capacity and better without EITHER HS2 or CR2; Inter-dependent justifications weak argument.
(iv) Regional version worst, enabling even more jobs to be filled from richer outer zones, by-passing London’s unemployed.

Link for the scheme and the consultation is

My (longer) earlier submission May 19th to the London Assembly on this issue, and a submission from Peter Hall are here

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