At a seminar on reindustrialisation. My notes for talk are

Recall Sam Aaronovich’s London/Berlin conference 1995 at the end of which a Berling green part politician said  “capitalism won’t employ us all: we’ll have to employ each other”.

Just Space and our London experience -particular features of London – extrusion of manuf by inflated residential land prices.

changing boundary of what counts as manufacturing: classifications change, tax regimes influence firm behaviour and outsourcing strips activity away from ‘manuf’ firms and reallocates it to ‘service’ firms, tho the jobs remain the same.

High average productivity in the manuf we do have; income distribution in manuf has always been more egalitarian than across service sectors.

Steps which could reverse the run-down of industrial activity in S.E.England are considered:

reductions in world trade (already happening in crisis),

increased transport costs for freight,

increased local self-sufficiency pursued for other reasons,

more customisation of intermediate and final products (e.g. in housing retrofit), more repair and re-use of equipment, 3d printing??

less displacement of industrial activity through housing land price inflation.


Long and interesting discussion, a lot of it reinventing wheels, but covering wide ground on what the future of manufacturng might be; where it might take place; forces for localisation; what production would be like if you started from thinking about the labour process.

There is now a write-up of this event:



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