Sell-out to developers at Heygate, Southwark (+links)

image of Southwark council meeting
Residents, with only 5 minutes time to speak, hold up their statements

January 15th 2013 Southwark Council planning committee met to determine planning application from LendLease for redevelopment of Heygate Estate.  This is just a preliminary post, for later expansion.  It is the most substantial example of the disastrous process going on in London where council estates are being emptied and cleared to create space for private development and the crisis is being used to lower drastically the % of replacement social rented housing on “viability” grounds: a kind of downwards ratchet. More at 35% And there’s a reasonably good report in London’s evening paper, the Standard.
Here are some useful links, assembled by ZORT:

Corporate Watch on the “consultation” processes

later: see Dave Hill blogs in the Guardian on heygatee

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