Log of efforts to get broadband service supplied by TalkTalk restored. Latest at the bottom. Extraordinary ending.


24 July Broadband failed Monday;

by Saturday  29th; we have spoken to them at least daily. They promised a fix within 72 hours; they sent some texts to my mobile saying they were investigating. Ref INC000015321349. I “replied” but suspect my messages not received. Certainly no response to them.

The household member who spoke to them yesterday (Friday 28th) was told that they had records of our system breakdown on file from earlier in the week.

Saturday 29th I got as far as a human being (20 mins) and started speaking before the connection broke.

Started again and have got as far as LET’S GET YOU TALKING TO ONE OF THE TEAM and holding with guitar strumming now 15 minutes

Answered by a person (Nove) polite and helpful insofar as she could be, but

  1. The only “ticket” she can see on her system is from yesterday. The complaints and conversations in the previous 4 days appear to be invisible or deleted. No record of checks or action.
  2. She says 72 hours from yesterday (i.e. by Monday 31st) we should get a text message saying it’s fixed or needs engineer visit.
  3. I protest strongly and ask her to describe my rage and dissasisfaction on her ticket. She agrees. She is very polite.
  4. I request an email address with which I can correspond. She replies that no email address is available.

Since they refuse to offer an email address I am going to send this record to them via Twitter.

As customer service it really is very bad indeed.

An hour or so later @TalkTalk replied in Twitter Hi Michael, I’m so sorry for the confusion here, I can see why you’re frustrated. I can see that your fault is cu…

And the link resolves as

which won’t open using the narrowband of my phone. So I reply in Twitter:

Michael Edwards‏ @michaellondonsf  now


Replying to @TalkTalk

In absence of broadband (your fault @TalkTalk) I can’t open the link. Please send a screenshot or phone or email me

1640h I get

TalkTalk‏Verified account @TalkTalk  4m4 minutes ago


Replying to @michaellondonsf

Hi Michael, it looks like your fault ticket has been closed, so we need to get this reopened with as much detail …





All that was before 1600h. Now it’s 1800h Saturday and I haven’t heard from them.


I sent another tweet Sunday 1200h reporting no further action/news.


1240 Sunday:

DM from @TalkTalk in reply to my last tweet: “your case has been escalated to a manager…” & I replied “when will something be done?”

1256 Sunday there is an email in my Junk from them:


Hilarious, but I can’t respond as there isn’t enough bandwidth available (without any broadband) to open the survey form.)

Later Sunday night: after travelling to reach the land of broadband, I am able to respond to this survey. I am polite and firm and descrbe my anger, while stressing how polite the staff were. Polite and powerless to help.

Monday 0930 comes this exchange:


Monday evening 31 July brings this DM exchange (72 hours after they had most recently promised a resolution in 72 hours):

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 23.03.07

Tuesday 1 August. Household member phoned the ordinary help line this morning and was told that they have “escalated” the problem again!  Still no news from managers.

FINALLY on Thursday 3 August I had a call from the TalkTalk complaints department. This was the “escalation” which had been promised days earlier. We talked through the whole saga yet again. Then he said he’d look again at our account and said
You aren’t our customer. Your account was closed in February.

It turns out that in the new year they sold a lot of accounts to another company called Fleur Telecom.  We were told, but also told that nothing would change and we need take no action.  I must admit I had forgotten all about this. So we had been complaining for almost 2 weeks to the wrong firm.  Stupid me.

But also stupid TalkTalk: none of their operatives in the long saga had known / noticed / discovered that our account had been closed and sold to someone else. The complaints man had the grace to see that this was shocking system-failure on their part. He sent us £30 as compensation.

When we contacted Fleur they were very helpful. They said the IP address needed to be re-validated, which they did at once. They have a cheap phone number, no queue, an email address and a postal address, in Lancashire. Bodes well All fine. The end.

Later: 15 August.

BT OpenReach engineer came, did extensive tests, found that an outdoor cable between 2 poles was at fault and replaced it; repled the master socket with one containing a splitter. As a result of all this our speed went up from about 42 to over 400.  Excellent. He was very professional and careful.

However, half an hour after he left – in the words of a complaint I just submitted to BT –

Following an EXCELLENT visit here this morning by Openreach technician from Tenbury Wells (professional, informative, effective); I had a phone call 1230h starting "Mr Edwards, This is BT Openreach following up on your technical problem and needing to check that everything is now working well.…" He told me to connect my laptop, download TeamViewer, then let him take control...then go away for 10 minutes while the tests were done. After I while I realised it must be a fraud, challenged him and disconnected.. 
I later phoned BT security 0800032 8033 who said, yes this is a known problem. 
My complaint is that you have permitted someone to access info on service calls which ought to be confidential. If, as you say, this is a known problem, you should warn subscribers that this may happen. I shall hold you responsible for any consequential losses. Please reply by email.

Memo to self:  This was the connecting screen, including the “partner ID” he asked me to type in.

teamviewer scam 16 august 1228








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