King’s Cross bibliography

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See also Michael Edwards publications list.

Marta Domínguez Pérez 2013 Los procesos de transformación urbana impulsados por factores culturales: el caso de King’s Cross (Londres) in CIUDAD Y TERRITORIO ESTUDIOS TERRITORIALES, pp 103-130 PDF

  the book of bishop where you were interviewed, the document health inequalities in camden and islington from the council, knowing our communities from camden, a document from geographers A-Z 2015, your evaluation of the process 2003, overview about KX 2018, an article of the World Bank from Martha lawrence in spanish, the economic and social history of KX from regeneris 2017,.

Christiaanse, Kees, Anna Gasco and N. C. Hanakata, Eds (ND [2021]) The Grand Projet: understanding the making and impact of urban megaprojects, nai010 publishers

Railway Lands Group publications

King’s Cross Railway Lands Community Development Group (1989) The King’s Cross development : people or profit?, London: KCRLCDG [ download ]

Parkes, M (1990) Kings Cross Railway Lands A People’s Brief, London: KXRLG

Parkes, M (1991) Kings Cross Railway Lands: towards a people’s Plan, London: KXRLG

Parkes, M, D Mouawad (1993) Interim Uses Initiative, London: KXRLG

KXRLG, Network, intermittent newsletters, some of which are online:
Summer 2004 / Winter 2004 / Summer 2005 / October 2008

King’s Cross Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC) (2005) Respecting the railway lands, CAAC [ Download ]

Other related publications – books

Inglis, A (2007) Railway Lands: catching St Pancras and King’s Cross, Troubadour [ more details ]

Inglis, A and N Buckner (2012) King’s Cross : a sense of place, Matador [ more details ]

Holgersen, S (2008) Class conflicts and planning: a case study of contemporary development at King’s Cross in London, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr Müller, also available as Holgersen, S (2007) Class conflicts and planning: a case study of contemporary development at King’s Cross in London, Master’s Thesis, University of Bergen [ download ]

Hunter, R and R Thorne (1990) Change at King’s Cross from 1800 to the present, London: Historical Publications

Bertolini, L and T Spit (1998) Cities on Rails: the redevelopment of railway station areas, London: Spon

Madelin, R and D Porphyrios (2008) The Human City: King’s Cross Central 03, Yale: Yale School of Architecture

van der Veen, M (2009) Contracting for better places: a relational analysis of development agreements in urban development projects, T U Delft IOS Press BV

Articles and book chapters

Edwards, M (1990) De-regulation of London: a case study of King’s Cross, A 3 Times 13(5): 22-23

Edwards, M (1992) A microcosm: redevelopment proposals at King’s Cross, in (ed Thornley, A) The crisis of London, 163-184, London: Routledge

Edwards, M (1994) How should we manage the land resources of state railways? lessons from London, in (eds Ave, G and F Corsico) Urban marketing in Europe, 869-876, Torino: Torino Incontra

Cheshire, P (1990) The outlook for development in London, Land Development Studies 7: 41-54

Cowan, R (1990) New challenge on King’s Cross, in Architects Journal, 14-15

de Corte, S (1994) Planning, urban politics and high speed trains: neighbourhood restructuring, Révue Belge de Géographie 55(1-2): 31-42

Brown, N and L Lees (2009) Young People and the regeneration of the King’s Cross Ten Estates [in Islington], in (eds Imrie, R, L Lees and M Raco) Regenerating London: governance, sustainability and community in a global city, 269-310, London: Routledge

Parkes, M (2004) Community participation and urban regeneration: King’s Cross and the Elephant and Castle, in (ed Paloscia, R) The contested metropolis: six cities at the beginning of the 21st century, INURA, Basel: Birkhäuser

Imrie, R (2009) ‘An exemplar for a sustainable world city’: progressive urban change and the redevelopment of King’s Cross, in (eds Imrie, R, L Lees andM Raco) Regenerating London: governance, sustainability and community in a global city, 93-111, London: Routledge

Nicholas Falk and Peter Hall, Great Opportunity in Central London, Town and Country Planning, September 1987 (on Fish and Coal Offices)

Research reports

Edwards, M, E Leopold and M N Geddes (1990) King’s Cross Railway Lands: second report, London: Bartlett School, UCL

Hiroaki Suzuki et al, Financing Transit-Oriented Development with Land Values, World Bank Group, 2015 (free download available) contains KX case study. Ref from Nick Falk.

Chris Gossop King’s Cross Opportunity Area 43rd ISOCARP Congress 2007 London’s Railway Land – Strategic Visions for the King’s Cross Opportunity Area 

Dissertations and Theses

Campkin, B (2001) Degeneration and Regeneration in King’s Cross, MSc Thesis, London, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies

Campkin, B (2009) Dirt, Blight and Regeneration: A Study of Urban Change in Twentieth Century and Contemporary London, PhD Thesis, University of London

Sexton, J (1991) Planning Gain and housing provision at the King’s Cross railway lands, MPhil Thesis, London UCL

Lorino, A (2008) The Challenge of mixed-use buildings: lessons from London and Paris, MSc Thesis, UCL

Vogdopoulou, E (2006) Master Plan Evaluation. A tool to enhance successful urban regeneration. Regent Quarter case study, MSc EPDP Thesis, UCL

Wolff, Richard (1999) Popular Planning in King’s Cross, London: Kommunikative Vernunft im Stadtentwicklungsprozess, PhD Thesis, ETH Zürich

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